Importance of Healthy Eating for Your Teeth

Your diet can severely affect your oral health. To prevent cavities, you have to be aware of what you eat and how often you eat certain food items. Bacteria in the mouth act on carbohydrates and sugars present in foods and convert them into acids. These acids erode the enamel on your teeth and set the stage for tooth decay.

There are certain foods that remineralize teeth. If you snack on them instead of eating sugar-laden treats, you can protect your teeth from tooth damage and decay. Here are a few precautionary measures you could take. Continue reading

What Should I Expect from a Pediatric Endodontist?

If you have received a recommendation from your child’s dentist to visit a root canal specialist, or endodontist, you might be wondering why. After all, receiving a root canal is a way to save a tooth from inflammation or bacterial infection by removing the pulp located in the center of the tooth. Since your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own as they mature, you might be wondering why you should try and save a tooth that is at risk of being lost early. Continue reading

Ask a Scottsdale Endodontist: Do I Need a Root Canal?

Do I need a root canal?If you begin to experience problems with your teeth, it’s logical to wonder if you need a root canal. With more than 15 million performed each year in the US, root canals are one of the most common dental procedures we see at The Center for Microsurgical Endodontics. However, not all dental problems can be solved with a root canal. Before you go to the dentist to see whether you need a root canal, read about the symptoms and learn the steps you need to take to deal with them.

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5 Holiday Sweets to Stay Away from this Year

candy to stay away fromFrom cakes, pies and candy canes to popcorn balls, Christmas cookies and peanut brittle, the holiday season is full of tempting treats that people of all ages enjoy.  However, as delicious as these sugary concoctions are, they can compromise your dental health if you overindulge. Take caution when partaking of holiday treats and emerge into the New Year with a white, healthy smile by eliminating or limiting these five foods.

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Meet Our New Doctor: Dr. Aric Petersen

About Dr. Petersen

The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics in Scottsdale would like to extend a warm welcome to our new resident doctor: Dr. Petersen. He was born and raised in Gilbert, where he graduated from Highland High School. Dr. Petersen found his calling for science and decided to attend Arizona State University as a Biology Major where he studied hardr.-aric-petersend and applied himself for three years. His hard work and dedication paid off when he received a scholarship to the prestigious Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. As one of two students to have their research accepted, he was invited to present his findings at the Hinman Dental Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee. After long hours of studying and research, Dr. Petersen received his DDS degree in 2008 and was inducted in the TKO Honors Society.

After his graduation from the University of the Pacific, Dr. Petersen attended an intensive residency program for Endodontics at St. Louis University. During this two year program, Dr. Petersen was able to explore some of the finest endodontic practices this nation has to offer. Finally, two years later, Dr. Petersen walked across the stage to receive his Masters of Science with a specialty in Endodontics in 2010.

With his residency complete and his Master’s degree in hand, Dr. Petersen enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a dental officer. He served his country and fellow men-at-arms as the staff Endodontist from 2010 to 2013 at the Marine Corps base in Kailua, Hawaii. From there he traveled across the United States to then serve on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. His time in the military completely transformed him. He dedicated himself to serving those who have served this country by working closely with the VA hospital back in Hawaii after he had completed his military service in 2014.

It was two years into this second stay in Hawaii that the Petersen family decided that it was time for them to come home. Thought disappointed to leave the rich culture and lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands, they were excited to begin this next chapter in their lives.


It has always been said that two heads are better than one, so in an effort to provide the best care to their fellow Arizonians, Dr. Petersen and Dr. Doyon have combined forces to bring their shared love for Endodontics under one roof. Watching these doctors work is like watching a well-oiled machine in action, complete with mutual respect and professionalism.

The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics couldn’t be more pleased to welcome such a caring doctor into our family. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Petersen today and you too will be thrilled that he chose to work here!

The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics Hosts Two Educational Events

Endodontics ScottsdaleContinued education is vital for any endodontic professional. Dr. Doyon is a firm believer that there is no end to furthering technical and clinical expertise. Increased education helps to ensure long-term patient relief and care. Dental professionals must understand technology and adapt to industry advancements to provide the best service possible. To that end, Dr. Doyon hosts courses that help local professionals and students advance their education. His two latest lectures featured guest speakers Dr. Marc Balson and Dr. Donald H. Downs. Continue reading

Do I Really Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal ScottsdaleRoot canals can be a frightening experience for some people. As scary as they might seem, it is important to understand that root canals are imperative for treating infection and will save you from a lot of medical worry down the road. Along with that, it is good to note that the fear of having a root canal is usually associated with believing that the procedure will cause you great pain and discomfort; however, this is not the case. At the Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics, we specialize in root canal procedures, and it is our mission to ensure your comfort during each and every procedure. Understanding why root canals are important is the first step toward feeling better about your procedure. Continue reading

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Endodontists give Phoenix residents bright, healthy smiles with dental implants.Dental implants are one of the most technologically advanced innovations in dentistry. They provide relief for patients whose jawlines cannot support dentures and create comfort for patients with irreparable dental damage. While dental implants are not right for everyone, Dr. Doyon might decide they are a good solution for your specific concern. So how do you determine whether you need a root canal or complete tooth removal followed by a dental implant? The answer lies in understanding what dental implants are: Continue reading

What Happens During a Root Canal?

shutterstock_140418271Your first endodontics visit can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. The goal of root canal surgery is always to save the original tooth. Technology has advanced greatly in recent years, but nothing will ever feel or work like your natural dentition. We have put together a helpful guide to explain the root canal process along with all the different steps that could vary based on the severity of your infection. Continue reading