About Endodontics

Endodontic Procedures for Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ Patients

We are always here to answer your questions regarding our endodontic procedures before we perform them on you.

The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics in Scottsdale places a premium not only on the endodontic treatment we provide but also on how we go about our work. The way we treat our clients is equally as important as the endodontic procedure itself, and that means, among other things, making certain that all of your questions and concerns are addressed prior to treatment. Dr. Glen E. Doyon and his team perform root canal procedures (including emergency root canals), dental implants and more. Additionally, our endodontic practice is one of the only ones in the state offering CBCT scans. For those with anxiety when it comes to dental treatment we also offer IV sedation. If you have a toothache or another form of undiagnosed facial or oral pain and are referred to us, you might be asking “what is endodontics and how can it help me?” We will take the time to educate you as to what we are doing and why. In this way, we can make you comfortable and put you at ease.

Dr. Glen E. Doyon is one of the most respected endodontists in Scottsdale and in the greater Phoenix area. He and the staff of The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics work with many dentists in the area providing treatment for patients who need it. Dr. Doyon has been an endodontist for nearly a decade, and was a general and cosmetic dentist. In all, his dental career spans over three decades.

  • Our endodontic procedures are carried out in a caring, pleasant environment
  • We always take the time to educate our patients as to the procedures we are recommending and why
  • We approach all of our work with the expressed goal of, if at all possible, saving and restoring the original tooth
  • Our services include root canals, dental implants and more

If you are a general dentist in the area and a patient requires endodontic treatment in Scottsdale or the greater Phoenix area, you should know that we work with many general dentists to provide the treatment their patients require. We are always here to consult and to meet with you and your patients, and to help in correctly diagnosing and addressing their issues.

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