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If you are not able to complete your registration online, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointed time in order to provide us with the information we require before we may examine you.

If you have dental benefits coverage and are not able to provide this information to our office before your appointment, please bring it with you and plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If you have referral information from your dentist, please bring this with you. In consultation with your restorative dentist, we will determine if your tooth is a good candidate for the kinds of treatment we provide.

Your evaluation starts with a comprehensive examination to diagnose your dental condition. We will listen to and review your needs and concerns, take any necessary radiographs utilizing the most advanced imaging systems available today and, along with the information you provide, assess what needs you may have for treatment.  We will discuss our findings with you and explain all recommendations, options, risks and benefits.

If treatment is recommended we will discuss fees with you and will review any dental benefits you may have.

If we begin treatment at your first visit plan to be in our office for about one and a half hours.

At the completion of treatment my team and I will review what we have accomplished and discuss after treatment instructions.  This information can also be found in video format on this website.

We will make a follow up appointment for any additional care that may be required.

Most patients return to their usual routine after treatment.

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