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Why Refer to Our Practice?

Our practice philosophy is to exceed our patients’ expectations by providing the highest quality and most predictable patient centered outcomes in a kind and relaxed environment, which will, in turn, reflect positively on the doctors who refer their patients to us for care. Our people skills are superb and patients feel safe, secure and understood before they begin treatment.  We take whatever time is required to help patients understand their needs for treatment and what options they may have. As of 2014, our team has almost 120 years combined experience in providing dental treatment.  Three of the four of us have over 20 years experience in general dentistry, so we can relate to your needs as a restorative dentist. All of us are committed to expanding and improving our skill sets (See the tab “Continuing Education”).  We incorporate appropriate and proven technological advances. All patients are treated using a Dental Operating Microscope (DOS) and both the doctor and assistant are viewing treatment through the microscope at all times. We use Cone Beam Computed Tomography and have had an in office Carestream (Kodak) 9000 since December 2009.  For those very anxious patients, as well as being able to administer nitrous oxide and/or oral conscious sedation, we are certified to administer IV conscious sedation. We will almost always see patients in pain on the same day they are referred.  We answer the telephone 7 days a week and this means there is no answering service and rarely voicemail when you or your patients call. I am almost always able to be reached by telephone.

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